Inside Monet, immersive live experience in the works and life of the French painter

Isola San Lorenzo expands its cultural offering. For every weekend (Friday-Saturday-Sunday) until Sunday 29 September, in the cloister of the Cathedral it will be possible to participate in the immersive live experience “inside MONET”, a cultural event dedicated to the father of impressionism.

Have you ever entered the paintings of the great impressionist painter? Perugia merges with the works of Claude Monet transforming a virtual reality experience into an extraordinary open-air museum.

Claude Monet is considered one of the fathers of Impressionism. The painter studied light for a long time, trying to capture the changing atmospheres of places, and it was a painting by him that gave its name to a group of revolutionary artists; the very name of the group derives from one of his works from 1872: Impression, soleil levant, the famous canvas which depicts the atmosphere of dawn in the port of Le Havre, a port town in Upper Normandy.

Inside Monet

The spectator will not only go through the fundamental stages of the painter’s life, thanks to the narrative voice of an actor, but will completely immerse himself in the great artist’s home by observing the wonderful and evocative house in Giverny, where he lived for over forty years with the very famous garden , enriched by rare plants that came from different parts of the world, a pond and the famous oriental bridge. In Monet’s home it will also be possible to admire his sublime masterpieces from a privileged point of view thanks to special Virtual Reality viewers, thus being able to get to know the painter of light up close.

You will be able to observe the timeless charm of The Sheaves, with their sun-kissed field and the haystacks that transform under the changing light of the day, a light that also makes the wonderful red-dotted poppy field from which his wife Camille emerges shine. little son Jean. We will also travel at dawn to the port of Le Havre with the famous painting Impression, Sunrise, or Among the Poppies, for a total immersion in Monet’s universe. Finally, the chromatic harmony of the water lily pond, where the colors and brushstrokes blend perfectly with the natural effects of water and light.

Inside Monet VR Experience is the first plein air exhibition, present, from the beginning of July to the end of September 2024, in the heart of Perugia, in the Cloister of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo. In case of rain the experience will be held inside the Chapter Museum, in the Doctorate Room.

Gli organizzatori

Way S.r.l. is a startup from Milan, founded by Marco Pizzoni and Pier Francesco Jelmoni, which since 2019 has been creating unique experiences in the tourism and cultural market with the aim of conceiving, producing and disseminating projects for the general public. In the same summer period, inside the Chapter Museum, it will also be possible to walk in the garden of Mirò’s dreams.

The event is organized in collaboration with WAY EXPERIENCE (www.wayexperience.it)
Friday and Saturday 7.00pm and 9.30pm
Sunday 7pm
Duration 1h
SAN LORENZO ISLAND – San Lorenzo Cathedral Cloister
For info and reservations:
075 8241011 – 3701581907

www.isolasanlorenzo.it – Mostre ed Eventi


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