Easter in Umbria, breakfast is the most substantial meal

Easter in Umbria brings to mind the great Easter breakfast, similar throughout central Italy, when as children, together with the whole family gathered together, we laughed and ate, enjoying the great variety of foods.

The old traditions are still present in this region: previously the dishes were prepared rigorously at home, today the time to dedicate to cooking is no longer what it once was, but the desire to be together on Easter morning has remained intact.


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What to eat for Easter breakfast?

The main food of the laid table is the Easter Cake or Pizza, a leavened, savory cake made with eggs and flour, filled with cheese. It was once cooked in wood-fired ovens: housewives prepared it on Holy Thursday and it was left to rest to be consumed on Easter day. Many cakes are made, also to be given as gifts to relatives and friends as a wish for a happy holiday. This pizza clearly must also be accompanied by a substantial white wine, although red wine on Easter morning, as per tradition, must not be missing.



The laid table reserves many surprises: from salami to hard-boiled eggs colored and enjoyed with a pinch of salt, from capocollo to bread. The Easter omelette with artichokes cannot be missed, together with that of asparagus, seasoned with aromatic herbs: mint, chives, marjoram or mint. The lamb coratella which, even if it is a second course, can also be found at breakfast: prepared with offal such as heart, liver, lung, cut into small pieces and cooked in sauce. For dessert, the Easter eggs and the sweet Easter cake filled with candied fruit and flavored with cinnamon and lemon peel are a must, to be eaten either with salami or chocolate.

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